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About Us

AGMEHRA Private Limited

Cleanliness is the state of purity, clarity and precision to maximize the work efficiency and minimize the operational complexity.

AGMEHRA’s commercial cleaning products and disinfecting solutions helps simplify the process to consistently deliver a better, more efficient critical cleaning and manufacturing environment nationwide. The disinfection chemicals destroy/eliminate most bacteria, viruses and fungi.
We provide all alcohol based disinfectants that could be used rotationally as per the requirement including trigger sprays, our innovative mops, wipes and disinfecting solutions are used in many industries with significant results across the country. Majority our products are used in pharmaceuticals, hospitals, laboratories, food processing industry and industrial cleanrooms.
Our team of experts consistently work to sharpen their skills by participating in various workshops and seminars conducted by industrial veterans with the vision to become a leading name in the field of sanitizations and disinfection.

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